Friday, April 11, 2014

Contending Forces

So how do you disobey a law of nature?  By obeying a conflicting law?  Where does the choice lie, or was it made in some way by the law that has forced the entity to obey, and forced it to choose to disobey the counter law.  
(But how can you force a choice and have it remain as a choice?  Contrary to the usual jargon, to defeat it, you do have to eat it.)
In nature, rather than by laws, are not the choices made by competing strategies for control of both themselves and their competing entities?  And were not those forces within those entities to begin with?  Do they not constitute the strategic forces that construct the entities that then use them for their evolving purposes?  Their "life" being in the strategies that are in themselves the essence of what causes force to have a strategic direction?
To be in other words, strategically directed forces?
Forces that in effect make what we call their laws?

Yes, strategies exist to accomplish strategic purposes.  Which are, in other words, contending purposes. Either cooperating to contend or competing, but otherwise we don’t strategize for a non-contending need.
What did these strategic systems “know” or have to know at the minimum beforehand and how was the skill acquired to use that knowledge actively? To act on it with the curiosity to add to it?  To become a budding strategy that knew somehow that it had the need to learn?  
And yet how could it and how did it know that it was contending for survival to begin with?   The incremental changes and their causes over time that led to these purposive activities seem almost impossible for our human minds to deal with.

Take magnetic forces for example.  Can they exist without the entities that they are exerting force either for or against?
Take light as well - does it exist to ferry protons for their own purposes, and/or are proteins themselves being ferried for various other entities’ forceful purposes?  And what were light’s existing uses and purposes to begin with?
And why are forces in contention, or were ever in contention to begin with?  Or did there ever need to be a first contention?  And what’s the best educated guess for answers to any of that?  

Perhaps the answer's this:  Contention must have to be a natural state of affairs.  Perhaps anything that has to move will have to contend with anything else that moves.  Doing so intelligently, or otherwise chaotically at the very least.  
So what’s wrong with chaos?  Well, it’s not predictable and it’s not evolvable.  It’s not amenable to any natural strategic purposes.

Then how does a strategy direct force, unless the strategy is the essence of the force which exists as a self responsive energetic entity?  But then strategies exist both to thoughtfully construct their entities and as the controlling aspects of the forces that operate their systems.  And they’re set up in addition to evolve all types of their intelligent operative characteristics; in which case they try and they err and try again continuously.

Except that the strategies and purposes of light, for example. don't seem to have evolved for eons as far as we can observe.  So do all strategies at some point have an end game, or just some,.  Or are there simply different types for different purposes?

So stay tuned.

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