Monday, March 10, 2014

An Energetic Stream from my Consciousness

Riffing on 3-9-14:

Energy is the life of our universe.  It consists of necessarily self evolving strategies as well as their ever evolving fields of forces that, with the ongoing diversity of its strategic changes, have been variously constructed and regulated to use, direct, and accomplish a growing diversity of purposes.
Ah, you ask, but isn’t it simply a speculative assertion that strategic systems at the proverbial start will have needed to act at cross purposes to evolve?
No, because there must have been cross purposes available to act on if strategies were able to develop at all, since all strategies are ipso facto competitively and thus deceptively constructed, creating entities that, as strategic systems have been discovered to do, inevitably conflict.  And in ways that have allowed them to survive via the inevitable circumstances where strategies have had to develop competitive interests.  Interests that, in the sequential change of time, have developed a randomly chaotic system which, despite its trials and necessary errors, has eventually worked to the overall evolutionary advantage of strategic systems.
Why then was there anything like these systems in the universe to begin with since of course we can clearly see that such strategies are with us now.  That question however assumes there was a beginning, just as some assume there was a starting point for anything at all to exist.  I on the other hand am forced to assume there wasn’t one, a something being unable logically to arise from a nothing. Or, by an even lesser logicality, for there ever to have been a nothing.