Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our self structured capacities

Taken from the notes for a new book:

The human brain has restructured itself continuously since our species’ strategic needs and purposes diverged from those of our nearest ancestors - since we left the trees as they say to resourcefully walk about the earth.  The time taken for that measurably huge difference in the brain’s physical and functional complexity is evidence enough, for me at least, that these differences could not possibly have been brought about by mutational accident, and not even by a series of intelligent responses to any such a series of evolutionary events.
What must have had to happen were constructive responses to the “intelligence” of anticipation, based on our functional abilities to analyze our conceptions of strategic needs and responses to those from the very similar to the very different needs of others in the predictively foreseeable future.
And it bears repeating that the structural work required WAS done by our physical resources, and even if somehow magically directed from afar, needed the brain itself as an onsite observer and problem discerner as well as immediate construction trier and corrector of the inevitable series of construction errors.

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