Saturday, November 12, 2011


Here's a new comment from Baron P (at Acquired Purposes) that some may find interesting, as he's put the provenance of deception in a place I wouldn't have ordinarily expected to find it:
"The 'survival' strategy of the universe's energetic system is to learn of and anticipate the 'known' and concurrently expect the 'unknown.' Thus organisms with conscious connections to their surroundings learn to anticipate events and consequentially come to trust the anticipated.
And to distrust those signals that have not been to the same extent expected. And the signalers learn in turn to make signals conform to their competitive and predatory needs, and thus these 'deceptive' actions (as the more abstract thinkers have come to call it), have arisen and continue to fuel the evolutionary advancement of all purposive strategies."



Baron P said...

Stop stealing my stuff.

Roy said...

Why would any system expect the unknown. That's like expecting the unexpected. More properly they should suspect the unexpected and anticipate the expected they can realistically hope will come. And be wary of ways nature seems to have to deflate the hopeful.